Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Reasons for Automation

1. Using Testing Effectively
By definition, testing is a repetitive activity.Automation allows the tester to reduce or eliminate the required “think time” or “read time” necessary for the manual interpretation of when or here to click the mouse or press the enter key. An automated test executes the next operation in the test hierarchy at machine speed, allowing tests to be completed many times faster than the fastest individual. Furthermore, some types of testing, such as load/stress testing, are virtually impossible to perform manually.

2. Reducing Testing Costs:
The cost of performing manual testing is prohibitive when compared to automated methods. The reason is that computers can execute instructions many times faster, and with fewer errors than individuals.Many automated testing tools can replicate the activity of a large number of users (and their associated transactions) using a single computer. Therefore, load/stress testing using automated methods require only a fraction of the computer hardware that would be necessary to complete a manual test

3.Repeatability and Control
By using automated techniques, the tester has a very high degree of control over which types of tests are being performed, and how the tests will be executed.And also full contorl of how many time will test executed.

4.Greater Application Coverage:
The productivity gains delivered by automated testing allow and encourage organizations to test more often and more completely. Greater application test coverage also reduces the risk of exposing users to malfunctioning or non-compliant software.

Results Reporting :
Full-featured automated testing systems also produce convenient test reporting and analysis. These reports provide a standardized measure of test status and results, thus allowing more accurate interpretation of testing outcomes. Manual methods require the user to self-document test procedures and test results.


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